Since 1994, the Bill Assurance principals have been leaders in the industry of telecommunications and utility consulting. Over time, we have helped multinational corporations, small businesses, major universities, government agencies and non-profit organizations avoid errors and overcharges and find significant savings.

We have found that over 90% of utility bills contain some amount of savings potential.

While you and your staff may have already taken measures to reduce your company’s operating expenses, we offer you a risk-free chance to have them reduced even further.

Allow us to review your utility and mobile billing, and we will perform an all-inclusive analysis looking for errors, overages and ways to trim costs.

We will present you with savings opportunities to reduce your expenses without sacrificing anything!

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“We are so happy with the results that Bill Assurance provides. They have continually monitored my accounts and come up with additional ways to save me money on multiple occasions. I’m glad to have someone looking at my accounts and keeping my best interest in mind when they make the recommendations.”

~ Tara Davis, Imaging Business Machines, LLC