Bill Assurance's software will develop an “energy fingerprint” of your company’s usage for the past 12 months. This allows us to create maximum savings opportunities  with rate manipulation.

We audit the way your providers are billing you.

We developed a software system that analyzes the way utility companies bill their customers. It performs an in-depth study of your utility costs to uncover alternative rate classifications which could help lower your expenses.

Our Audit Report will disclose all of the cost reductions we found that are available to you.

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“Spending over $1.5M in power costs per year, we had our own representative from the power company to help us fine tine our contract for the best pricing. We were amazed that Bill Assurance found additional savings! It was at that point that I let themlook over our mobile bills, which led to more huge savings. As it turns out, we had nothing to lose but all to gain.”

~ David C. Johnson, Vulcan Threaded Products

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